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Inflatable Advertising


Bring your ideas to life with unique media placements that will mind-boggle the consumer and tie your brand to creativity. This includes Clean Stencils, Parking Stripes, Oversized Product Placements and Disruptive Media just to name a few. Challenge us with your crazy ideas and watch them come alive on the streets.


Work with from design to implementation. We are a one-stop-shop for everything ambient media. Why make a hundred calls when you can make one to us and we make the rest happen.

Available Formats

  • Clean Stencils

  • Parking Stripes & Street Graphics

  • Giant Inflatables

  • Disruptive media

  • Sidewalk Vinyl

  • Pop-Up Shops (Existing location or shipping container)

  • Ice Sculptures & Snow Stamps

  • Helium Cubes & Aerial Inflatables

  • Ad Bikes & Roller Boards

  • Human Directional & Sign Spinners

  • Walking Billboards

  • Pizza Box Advertising & Coffee Sleeves

  • Sailboat Sail & Water Taxi Advertising

  • Aerial Advertising, Aerial Banners & Skywriting

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