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Projection Advertising


Projecting static or full-motion images against large exterior walls is a great way to grab attention during night time events in high traffic areas of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Utilize existing :15 or :30 commercials or create stunning animations to watch your brand come to life at night. Combine your Night Projections with other tactical media such as promotional staff or product sampling to amplify your campaign even further.


Campaigns can be scheduled nightly, weekly or monthly. Night Projections uses advanced high lumen DLP technology to deliver better than TV quality video clips, commercials, motion graphics and fully animated logos. Display your brand, message or product anywhere on almost any surface. Sizes range upwards of 80’x100’. Simultaneous display in all markets with up to 3 locations per night in each individual market.

Available Formats

  • Full Motion Video or Static Logos

  • Laser Projections

  • Interactive Projections

    • including gesture control, green screen or mobile device connectivity.

  • Projection Mapping

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