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Custom Mural


Want to do a billboard but can't find the spot? Want something a little more creative? We have placements you can't find anywhere else. Our artists can create exact replicas of design or create something new and wonderful. The best part? All of this goes towards helping local artists and local business.


High-visibility public art is an effective medium to convey messaging and brand presence at the community level. Challenge our artists to curate a fully custom mural or paint exact lifelike replicas. Hand Paints help support our street artist community while showcasing urban & progressive brands on a National level, they are income generators for local small business and act perfectly as an Anti-Graffiti tactic for building owners.

Available Formats

  • Hand Painted (Available with 3D elements​)

    • Exact Match to Creative Agency Design

    • Graffiti Style or Street Artist Designed

  • Vinyl Banner or Large Format Mural

  • Window Scrim (See-Through)

  • Coroplast Panel

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